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Will You Help?

I have a favor to ask of you.  I would like to ‘attempt’ combining videos together of some members of our congregation singing “Blessed Are They.” 

Since you are one of the best voices at DignityNY, I’m asking you to record a VIDEO of you singing;

“Blessed Are They.”

Press Play When Ready

Recording instructions:

  1. Sing along with Chris’ recording.  Please have his recording played in your ear or at a very very low volume while you sing.  Sing harmony if you know it. 

  2. CLAP (on your video) at the same time Chris Claps.  That will help us sink the videos together. 

  3. Once you’re video is recorded, send it to me via email ( or through Google Drive (see link below).  Note:  It may be easier to use Google Drive from you laptop and not iphone.   

  4. Please have your video emailed by Wednesday, the 28th.


That should do it.  We (Chris and I) will do our best to prepare a video for our liturgy celebration on November 1st.


​Google Drive Link:

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