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"Hidden Voices, Reflections of a Gay Catholic Priest."

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"I am Catholic and I love my faith. I have struggled in the past to accept the Church's official teaching on homosexuality. I am thankful someone has written a book that gives insight into the PEOPLE who struggle directly. There are so many loving homosexual couples who bring much love to their relationships and families. I hope everyone who reads this book can see the beauty found in homosexual men and women. They are a gift to our church and should be welcomed with open and loving arms."
- Karen, (Posted on Amazon book review.)


"This book was not only well written but I loved what the author "has to say". I pray not only for the Catholic Church but for all the bodies of Christ to be accepting (not tolerant) of ALL people regardless of their orientation. I applaud the author's courage to speak what so desperately needs to be spoken."
- Lisa, (posted on Amazon book review)


"Hello, I am currently a gay, Catholic seminarian and I am so grateful that a priest has shared his experiences of being a gay, Catholic priest. This book is filled with compelling stories and real struggles, struggles that so many gay Catholics are facing right now. I applaud his courage to break the silence and for giving a voice to guys like me who are silent and struggling with the Church's teachings on homosexuality. Thank you for your witness of hope."
-Samuel, (posted on Amazon book review)


"I Absolutely loved this book. The honesty and level of sharing really made me think. My prayers are with all those who find themselves in a similar situation. We need priest like anonymous!"
- LBJ, Chicago


"I hope that all Catholics read this book. The book has really challenged me to tell my story. Keep up the good work Anonymous!"
-SW, Midwest

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2010 - present

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